When you entrust your project to Delta you can count on the tradition of award winning creativity and gold standard quality.


Delta screen

Mastering the traditional art of silkscreen printing on the one hand and the latest technology in large format digital printing on the other. Delta screen opens the door to an existing world of possibilities.

There are few surfaces where Delta screen cannot place your marketing message or at least your company logo.


Delta Craft

Delta craft specializes in the time-bounded art of leather binding. It extends this rare skill to a refined range of products including exquisite gift boxes, exceptional diaries and beautiful holders.

Delta craftsman help clients explore the limits of imagination by create unique expressions of hand-crafted elegance using the finest leather material.


Delta Digital

When it comes to on-demand printing, short-run volumes, and tight deadlines, delta is one name which surpasses all others. The undisputed specialties for customized printing, Delta offer a powerful range of solutions utilizing advanced technology.


Delta Packaging

Quality always speaks for itself. It opens door and create positive impression wherever it goes. As one of the Ethiopia’s best packaging establishment. Delta Packaging Plc. has delivered world-Class solution for private and government organization.


Delta Multimedia

In collaboration with the well-known and admired film producer, writers, editors you are granted that your TV and Radio Ads are not like any other.


Delta Web

In collaboration with Black Pixel Studio specializes in web applications development using open-source technologies like Joomla!, Wordpress and most industry standard JavaScript libraries.

About Us

We Love What We Do


Who We are

It is rare to come across an organization which enjoys spectacular growth and yet retains a characteristics warmth and friendliness. Welcome to Delta.

Established in 2003 by Mr. Yismadengeze , a respected veteran of the Ethiopia print and publishing industry, Delta’s first company was a graphics design company which acquire a reputation for quality and reliability

In the years which followed , and thought the economic boom which propelled Ethiopia into the world stage, Delta continue to strategically invest in its capability and infrastructure witnessing phenomenal year on year growth, Delta diversified into ancillary services and established a network of subsidiaries.

Each of the Delta Group subsidiaries is in an independent entity with a highly specialized expertise. However the subsidiaries work closely together to complement their unique capabilities and provide clients with complete end-to-end in-house solutions.

Today, three year after its first opened its doors for business, Delta enjoys the trust of a diverse clients base which span in Ethiopia. It has won awards for its creativity and quality and continue to set the benchmark in many areas.


Personal Solutions

Expansion and diversification are always welcome developments. The challenge of the course is to guide growth without losing the sight of what the organization stand for values which underpin a company must be carefully carried forward from one evolution to the next.


Our Research

Starting as a single design office, Delta today is a versatile group of distinguished subsidiaries. In the three years since our establishment we have grown almost beyond recognition. But the one thing which continue to guide us is our passion for the perfection.


Our Skills

  • Photoshop and Modelling
  • HTML5 With Bootstrap CSS
  • Bootstrap Responsive CSS
  • Joomla Design With Latest


Zion Constraction

Company Branding Service

Black Pixel Studio

Web Design Service

Delux Megazine

Photoshop Design Service


Full Company Profile Development

DEC Ethiopia

High Quality Digital Printing Service .

Word Start With Me - DEC

High Quality Digital Printing Services

Meseyate Mall Guide

Mall Guide Directory Listing

Africa Super Market

Car Branding


Full Company Branding

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